2935 Telegraph
3250 Hollis
401 Derby
3014 Chapman
32nd & Hannah


3900 Adeline
Lampwork Lofts
Bakery Lofts
B2 Lofts
B3 Lofts
Telegraph Lofts
Packard Lofts
5th Street Lofts
Exchange Studios
1080 Lofts

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MPF's properties offer spaces to meet the varied needs of Bay Area residents, ranging from traditional apartment living and live/work spaces, to office and industrial space.

Whether you are looking for a place to call home, a place to do business, or both, you will find what you are looking for with Madison Park Financial.

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Madison Park Financial
Lake Merritt Tower
155 Grand Avenue
Suite 950
Oakland, California

P (510) 452-2944
F (510) 452-2973


Since 1983, Madison Park Financial has utilized its experience in property management and its prominent presence in the greater San Francisco East Bay Region to create dynamic and lasting communities. In the residential arena, the majority of the MPF portfolio, the vacancy rate has been kept under five percent, consistently, year after year.

MPF believes in working hands on with each Resident Manager to assure that everything is done to accommodate and provide for both prospective and existing tenants. Coupled with a professional in-house maintenance department, all MPF buildings are kept at maximum efficiency, allowing for competitive rents and minimal turn-over.

In its commercial portfolio, MPF also uses its local presence to create value for both investors and tenants. By building lasting relationships with the local brokerage community, MPF has maintained an aggressive lease-up policy, with daily communication between staff and leasing brokers. Similar relationships with vendors and sub-contractors means a quick response time to any problems that might occur at any of its properties.